Julia Nichol

Julia is the owner of Intuition Parenting Support Services and she loves to support Ottawa area families as a Sleep Educator and a Postpartum Doula.

As an Infant Sleep Educator, she works to help ease your worries about your child’s sleep, to incorporate gentle methods that align with your values to improve sleep for everyone, and to work towards finding balance in the whole family to better cope with these early years.

As a doula, her focus is on gently cushioning the landing into familyhood, and to help you and your family find your footing while helping with anything from breastfeeding, baby care inquiries, laundry and food prep, running you an herb bath, and much more.

Her loving and open personality, her ability to listen without judgement and help guide someone to what feels right to them, her nurturing caring side, and her true passion and ability to gain the knowledge that is helpful in supporting ourselves as we parent, has led her to you!

She offers accepting ears and a sounding board, help in the ways you see fit, and answers to your questions without dolling out ‘expert’ advice in a prescriptive manner. Instead, she will share the tools and knowledge she has gained to relieve your stress and help instill trust in yourself to follow your Intuition.

Julia’s website www.intuitionparenting.ca has great information on her offerings as well as houses her blog.

Julia is the loving wife to her husband who always supports her in following her dreams and passions, and mother of two little ones who make it all worthwhile!

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